capSavings And Growth for Education

Differentiate Yourself from your Competition

  • College Savings for Parents
  • Marketing to Grandparents
  • More Attendees at your next Session
  • More Referrals
  • Scheduling Financial Reviews

What is it we’re talking about?
This lead generating program offers tuition money to your clients who have children, grandchildren, nephews & nieces and even just kids they know. Every 1 point is equal to $1 of scholarship redemption at the participating colleges. There are over 350 colleges participating in this program in 46 states. Each student can receive up to what would be equivalent to 1 years’ worth of tuition.

Who is eligible?
Clients can sign up any family member – child, stepchild, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc. The standard enrollment deadline is August 31st of the year that a student starts 11th grade.

Why do colleges give discounts?
Colleges want more students…better students… and, students who require less financial aid. In return for providing the discounts, colleges are able to contact potential applicants by mail or email. Participating families – unsure of the affordability of a private college and unsure of qualifying for financial aid – are motivated to look at participating colleges.

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